Sparkle Ceramic Coating

Sparkle Ceramic Coating is a revolutionary nano technology SiO2 (silica) based glass coating whose protection is measured in terms of years, not months or seasons. Coating has been designed with user simplicity in mind and is one of the easiest products to apply in the new range of ceramic coatings to have recently taken the paint protection market by storm. 

By applying Ceramic Coating to your vehicle you are giving it a sacrificial semi permanent glass layer that will give a gloss level that is unmatched by conventional polymer and organic wax based protectants. Sparkle Ceramic Coating will not simply wash off like traditional paint sealants and will in fact resist harsh chemical based cleaners.

Because of glass coating technologies unique low surface energy formula it is able to fill and level paint ridges (capillaries) which in turn gives the coating a “self cleaning effect” also known as the lotus effect. 

This means the coating actively rejects bonding of contamination and when water is introduced to the surface it carries the contamination off with it. 

Additionally Ceramic Coating will help resist scratching and minor marring both from maintenance washing procedures and in general driving use. With additional thickness on top of the manufacturers clear coat, Coating has the ability to both resist and absorb damage that commonly occurs to vehicle paintwork. 



  • Unlike conventional automotive protectants, Ceramic Coating contains no wax or polymers, it will not wash off during regular maintenance procedures, requires no reapplication of the product, will resist harsh chemicals and acids (bird droppings, bat droppings, tree sap) as well as heavy cleaners such as bug and tar removers without compromising the protection.
  • Coating contains a high flourine content which is super resistant to mineral water spotting. If in the unlikely event you do notice mineral water spots, they can be removed with CarPro Spotless.
  • Gloss levels will remain for years, not months or weeks, and requires no polishing or buffing to maintain it.  
  • Resistant to the buildup of traffic film.